About Rosehill Cake Studio

Rosehill Cake Studio focuses on making memorable cakes that are as much a feast for the eye as they are for the palate.


Having worked in the Third Sector and in Education, Margaret has enjoyed a lifetime of baking and feeding others, including her four children. The first hint that a passion could be turned into a home-based business came with the creation of her second daughter’s wedding cake in 2017 – a four tier affair festooned with sugar flowers, and so in 2018, Rosehill Cake Studio was established.

With her passion for learning, Margaret has undertaken years of training across a range of sugar craft skills including Royal Icing and Sugar Flowers and continues to train with those at the top of the industry.

The use of high quality and natural fresh ingredients is her key to making memorable bakes. Working with close friends and family members who have food allergies and dietary needs has also given her a unique understanding of baking to these requirements.

Her approach of working closely with each client, drawing on a wide range of inspirations, enables Margaret to create unique cakes for unique occasions.



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